PAT (Portable Appliance Testing)

We now offer full PAT testing for all your electrical items.
As more and more venues are asking to see Public Liability and PAT testing certificates for insurance purposes, failure to comply generally results with you being turned away and not able to perform. (Not so good if you’re in a wedding band or a DJ for example).

"It's not just business and employees that require PAT Testing."

Portable appliance testing is a process by which your electrical equipment is tested to see if it is safe. Electricity kills and injures people. Around 1000 electrical accidents at work are reported to the Health & Safety Executive each year and about 25 people die of their injuries. Many of these deaths and injuries arise from the use of poorly maintained electrical equipment. This information will make you appreciate how important it is to maintain the condition of portable appliances.

Play safe! Know your gear is not going to kill you or someone else. If your gear injures someone YOU will be liable.
Fully Stickered items, Full Certificate and Item test List provided.
We Offer bulk testing Discounts for
Bands / Duos / DJs
Houses of Worship
Public Houses