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Professional Mixing Features

The ZEPHYR ZMX52 is a 5-channel mixer with just the right about of inputs, outputs, and EQ for solo gigs and multimedia studios. It features one mono channel with a microphone input (with Phantom Power), balanced TRS input, and a two-band EQ and a stereo channel. It also delivers two stereo channels with two balanced TRS inputs each. There's even two-track inputs for things such as audio playback. The ZEPHYR ZMX52 is the perfect compact take-anywhere professional mixer.
Versatile Inputs and Outputs

The ZEPHYR ZMX52 is the swiss army knife your creative life needs. Not only can you can plug dynamic, condenser, and wireless microphones into the first channel, but you also get two stereo channel inputs for keyboards, drum machines, and other instruments. What's more, you can easily plug in your MP3 player, CD players, or audio from a DVD player into the CD/TAPE input. But, you also have a dedicated stereo output to send to a recorder in addition to the main stereo outputs! Choose the ZEPHYR ZMX52 as the audio central command for your live performances, home studio, or video suite.
High Headroom, Low Noise

Enjoy the full dynamic range of your mix every time with the ZMX52. All Alto Professional ZEPHYR ZMX mixers are designed with high headroom and ultra low-noise, discrete mic preamps. Although the ZMX52 is the smallest, most affordable mixer in the range, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality.
Visualize Your Mix

Alto Professional have taken into account that a lot of people use their mixers in dimly lit conditions such as theatres and nightclubs, so they used brightly coloured knobs to allow you to easily find what you need to adjust. LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power also assist in making sure that you have multiple visual cues that compliment everything you're hearing.


    Six total inputs with a phantom powered XLR jack on channel 1
    1/4" Main, Tape, Headphone & Aux outputs for flexible signal routing
    Perfect for musicians looking for a compact, capable mixer
    Mic input channel with gold plated XLR and balanced line input
    Two stereo input channels with balanced TRS jack
    High headroom circuitry offering extra dynamic range
    Ultra-low-noise discrete mic preamp with Phantom power
    Balanced inputs for highest signal integrity and low-noise operation
    Warm, natural two-band EQ on mono channel
    2-Track inputs w/assignable bus: main mix or headphone out
    Highly accurate four-segment bar graph meters
    Aux inputs/outputs for external audio source integration
    Peak LEDs on each channel

Mono Channel (CH1):

    Microphone Input: Electronically Balanced, Discrete Input Configuration
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 22kHz, +/-1dB
    Distortion( THD&N): ≤0.005 At + 4dBu, 1kHz
    Gain range: 0 dB to 44 dB (MIC)
    SNR (Signal to Noise Rate): ≥110 dBu
    Phantom power (Mic Pin2/Pin3 And Pin1): +15V to +18V
    Line Input: Electronically Balanced(SW to LINE)
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 22kHz, +/-1dB
    Distortion (THD&N): ≤0.005 At + 4dBu, 1kHz
    Gain range: 15 dBu to 30 dBu
    Equalisation: High ±15 dB @12 kHz, Low ±15 dB @80 Hz

Stereo Channels (CH2-5):

    Line Input: Electronically Balanced(SW to LINE)
    SNR (Signal to Noise Rate): ≥110 dBu
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 22kHz, +/-1dB
    Distortion (THD&N): ≤0.005 At + 4dBu, 1kHz
    Gain range: 0dBu
    Maximum Voltage Gain: 30 dB CH LINE->MAIN MIX OUT


    Microphone Input: 3.9k Ohms
    All Other Input: 10k Ohms or Greater
    Tape Out: 1k Ohms
    All Other Outputs: 120 Ohms


    Adjacent Input: ≤-80 dB @ 1KHz (CH1-6)
    Input to Output: ≤-75 dB @ 1KHz (STEREO L/R,CH1-4,PAN:panned hard left or right)

Main Mix Section:

    Output level: 0dBu Unbalanced, 1/4" Jacks
    Max out: +22dBu Unbalanced, 1/4" Jacks
    Noise (Bus noise): ≤-90dB @ 20Hz 22KHz (channel & MAIN level at 0dB,other at minimum, DSP mute)

Other Specs:

    Power Supply: 18V 500mA
    Rated Power Consumption: 9W
    Dimensions (W/D/H): 128.1mm/204mm/38mm

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Alto ZMX52 Mixer

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