• Electro harmonix Mel9 (Pre-owned)

Developed in 1963, the Mellotron polyphonic keyboard used keyboard-activated magnetic tapes to, in effect, sample other instruments. This quirky, primitive hybrid of sampler and synthesizer became a staple of ’67–’68-era Beatles tracks (most notably, “Strawberry Fields”) and bands like the Moody Blues and King Crimson. Electro-Harmonix’s Mel9, a multi-voiced effects box and part of their “keyboard” family of stomps, is an attempt to capture the sounds and feel of the Mellotron in a guitar pedal.
Mel9 tracks pitch bends without sounding glitchy or collapsing into a crumble of digital artifacts.

Strings and Things
The Mel9 has ninevoicings available at the twist of a rotary knob: orchestra, cello, strings, flute, clarinet, saxophone, brass, low choir, and high choir. Rather than use a single mix knob, Mel9 blends dry and effected output via separate effects and dry knobs. The attack parameter alters how quickly the effect responds to your picking/strumming (you could also think of it as the rate of “swell”). The sustain knob increases the length of the effected note as you turn it counterclockwise. There are also two outputs for dry and effected signals. The Mel9 draws 100 mA and ships with its own 9V power supply, though you can use most center-pin negative adaptors. There is no battery option.

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Electro harmonix Mel9 (Pre-owned)

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