Fender Telecaster Ash USA (Pre-owned)

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The original electric guitar, updated for the 21st century. When people first saw the Fender Broadcaster, it was ridiculed, but now, 60 years on, its prodigal child - the Fender Telecaster - has proved to be one of the most popular guitar designs in the history of rock n roll thanks to its retro vibe and a sound that is choc full of character. The original and the best!

The Fender Professional Series lives up to this tradition, offering players a chance to own what is simple the best of the best. As Fender say, “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing”.
The American Professional Telecaster Doesn't Just Build on It's Predecessor, It Reinvents It.
With the new American Professional Tele, players are treated to a host of new innovations previously unseen on past models. Brand new pickups, circuitry, hardware, neck profiles and finishes will immediately separate this guitar from it's predecessors.
Ash Body
Back in the early days of Fender, electric instruments were primarily made of Ash. The wood is very dense and resonates incredibly well but also holds an interesting property. It has very straight wood grains and holds a finish better than most other woods. The unique grain we see on vintage instruments, is this way because of the Ash body, this guitar is then a tribute to some of Fenders earliest models.

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Fender Telecaster Ash USA (Pre-owned)

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