• Marshall DSL 100W JCM2000 +1960A cab (Pre-owned)

Marshall DSL 100W JCM2000 +1960A cab (Pre-owned)

New Power tubes fitted Service and new reverb tray

This Marshall amp is a 100 watt all tube. It has 2 channels, classic and ultra. Each channel has two modes: classic has clean and crunch and ultra has lead1 and lead2. So it’s really 4 channel if you count the two modes in each channel. The Crunch mode on clean has a very light 70’s “bluesy” style overdrive. The Ultra distortion is quite heavy but better suited to hard rock you will probably want to use lead1 and for leads use lead2. The difference is that lead2 is basically lead1 but with even more overdrive. The amp also has a reverb effect for both channels which is nice enough. The EQ on the Marshall JCM 2000 DSL100 has a ton of features but they don’t do much to adjust the tone. They just fine-tune it.

The sound of this amplifier is just legendary. Use it for gigging – and be prepared to be blown away!

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Marshall DSL 100W JCM2000 +1960A cab (Pre-owned)

  • Brand: Marshall
  • Product Code: Marshall DSL 100W JCM2000 +1960A cab (Pre-owned)
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