Groove Tubes Speaker Emulator II (Pre-owned)

The Groove Tubes Speaker Emulator II provides your tube amp with an emulated speaker load. This load has a dynamic and reactive complex impedance which can be connected to your amp's output stage instead of, or in addition to, your guitar speaker. The SpeakerEmulator II acts just like a real guitar speaker as far as your guitar amp is concerned, and you need no other speaker load to operate your amp safely. The Speaker Emulator II then converts the high level of energy from your amps power stage to a preamp level signal that sounds, feels and records just like a big tube amp cranked up, because that's exactly what it is!

The output signal from the Speaker Emulator II can be used for several different applications.

It's output signal can be sent through an effects loop then returned to a "monitor" amp which can be adjusted to the appropriate stage volume level. Crank up the guitar amp to get the tone your after, then turn down the volume of the monitor amp for the Holiday Inn gig level you need. Your distortion level will depend on how hard you drive your guitar amp into the SE, but your volume is determined by the output level of the SE or the monitor amp in use. You get true power tube distortion BEFORE the effects are added, just like in the recording studio.

More important for studio users, the Speaker Emulator II signal can directly feed the mixing console of a recording studio, or of a live sound reinforcement system. This saves time and produces a consistently great sounding guitar sound for the live engineer, while providing another dimension of "direct feel" that can't be duplicated by just using a microphone on the normal speaker cabinet during the recording session. Musicians with home studios can record great sounding guitar tracks late at night and not wake the neighbors. The possibilities are endless

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Groove Tubes Speaker Emulator II (Pre-owned)

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