• CRAZY SALE!!! Studio Recording Books

CRAZY SALE!!! Studio Recording Books

Record Like a Professional,
Are you looking for a sound but don't know how to get it?
Don't understand the technical bits and bobs...
Don't Worry, these books will help you get the Recording and information  you are looking for.
With this amazing deal you will get the following books-
Home Recording Made Easy RRP £14.99
Crash Course Home recording RRP £9.99
Emergency First Aid For Home Recordings RRP £14.99
How to get the Sound You Want RRP £14.99
Practical Recording 5 Surround Sound RRP £12.99

£67.95 worth of books for £20!!!!

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CRAZY SALE!!! Studio Recording Books

  • £67.95 -£47.95
  • £20.00


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