• Yamaha DTX430K Electric Drum Kit


The Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Kit, is the next level from the DTX400 series. Providing unprecedented quality and flexibility.

TOP TIP! - Download the Yamaha App and link your Ipad to the modual,  it  really opens up the capability of a much more expensive kit.

Featuring the tried and tested KP65 kick pad, FP6110 foot pedal and HH65 hi hat pedal to give better feel and response to the hi-hat and bass drum triggering.

The Yamaha DTX 430K has all the features of the 400K but with a few extras!

This electronic drum kit has the newly designed HH65 Hi Hat controller, KP65 kickpad and FP6110A footpedal. These new components bring the DTX 430K to another level allowing for a more accurate and controlled playing feel. The DTX 400 series drum kits are the best electronic practice kits around… and this new addition proves just why they’re so popular! With its warm-ups, groove tools and even drumming games to make you that much more improved drummer built into the module.

Design a drum kit that suits the way you play with a choice of 23 snare drums, 21 bass drums, 36 toms, 31 cymbals and even 42 percussion instruments. From this, the DTX400K can also be expanded and upgraded to suite your drumming needs. This amazing compact electronic drum kit is only 44” wide and 26” deep. The arms and legs fold in.


10 Pro Acoustic Drum Kits
Create Your Own Personal Kit
23 Snare Drums
21 Bass Drums
36 Toms
31 Cymbals
41 Percussion Instruments
10 On-board Routines Training
NEW Non-Slide Rubber Drum Pads
Silent Bass drum Pedal
Drum Configuration:

x1 DTX400 Module
x1 Snare Pad (7.5”)
x3 Tom Pad (7.5”)
x1 Hi Hat Pad (10”)
x1 Crash Cymbal Pad (10”)
x1 Ride Cymbal (10”)
x1 KP65 Kickpad
x1 HH65 Hi Hat Foot Pedal Controller
x1 FP6110A Bass Drum Pedal Controller
x1 Rack
x1 Power Supply

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Yamaha DTX430K Electric Drum Kit

  • £469.00