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The Rascal bass is a unique entry in Fender’s Classic Player line. It was originally designed by Jason Smith—Fender Custom Shop master builder and son of Fender R&D legend Dan Smith—as a one-off instrument for the 2014 NAMM show. Inspired by Smith’s affinity for the pawnshop beauties he collected in his youth, the Rascal’s looks and hardware are influenced by the Guild Starfire, Danelectro Longhorn, and Fender’s own Bass VI and Coronado models.

The Rascal, however, is not simply a mishmash of randomly pieced-together components pulled from basses of the past. Smith carefully chose each element to serve a purpose when assembled together—namely, to make the short-scale Rascal feel more like a standard bass, and to make it easier to achieve upright-like tones. Smith’s initial creation generated a buzz of curiosity on internet forums, and as a result, Fender decided to introduce an affordable MIM version of the Rascal in their Classic Player line.

A Short-Scale Scamp
The 30"-scale Rascal’s funky curvature and smart-yet-scrappy looks grabbed my full attention the instant I pulled it out of its padded gigbag. The ocean-turquoise finish applied to both its Bass VI-style alder body and Coronado-style headstock adds a whole other element of ’60s sports-car flair to its decidedly retro demeanor. Also contributing to its funkiness is the asymmetrical placement of its dot-position markers—four on the bass side, four on the treble side, and doubled at the 12th fret—that are inlaid into the 21-fret rosewood ’board topping the chunky C-profile neck carved from flat-sawn maple.

The Rascal’s adjustable bridge is inspired by the one used by Guild for their legendary Starfire bass, with the notable difference of incorporating steel saddles instead of rosewood. This helps give the Rascal’s tone the brighter edge and tighter response that’s normally associated with longer-scale basses. Plus, the extended length of the saddle adjustment screws increases the string tension for a less rubbery feel.

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Fender Rascal Bass (Pre-owned)

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